Recommended Food for Individuals with Elevated Cholesterol Levels

It is fact that every human being has some amounts of LDL or bad cholesterol in their bodies. And it is also fact that this bad cholesterol can be a menace sometimes; it can cause so deep a misfortune that one would easily wish that it just dissolves and flow out of the body miraculously when it begins to take its toll on them. But it is indeed not that easy. The unfortunate part of the entire thing is the situation where the cholesterol obstructs a vein carrying blood, a vein that should be given some special treatment considering its function, functions that determine the sustenance of one’s life in some instances. Bad cholesterol nestles stubbornly in the body.

But you should get the whole thing mixed up, there is good and bad cholesterol. It is the latter which has negative effects not the former which enhances an efficient digestive system. The latter is responsible for choking the pathway in the artery, thereby posing serious threat to the heart’s functions. The thing is that most persons carelessly fail to realize this until its gone past when any actions can be taken to remedy the situation.

There is a keen correlation between obesity and high cholesterol levels, and this is quickly demonstrable by the fact that most weighty people have elevated cholesterol levels. Diet, heredity, and drugs are some of the parameters that influence the levels. And this explains the heightened sense of shock that come over people who have average weight and are diagnosed of heightened cholesterol levels.

Generally, there is little or no information publicly raising awareness concerning avoidance of elevating bad cholesterol levels. It turns out the only occasion in which they get this sort of information is when they have been diagnosed of the condition in the hospital. This leaves personal detection and measures less motivating and ignored.

In order to avoid all the troubles, the eternal solution remains LIVE HEALTHY. Indeed many people do not need to hear this again, they already know. But how practical has it been for them? There no is better aspect to put the theory into work than in our diets. Stay away from fats.

For now, we would consider some foods that would play an invaluable role in the significant cutting down on the body’s cholesterol levels. By the way you should know that one great food class that dissolves cholesterols is antioxidants.

Below we consider some of the foods that are worthy of consideration:

Fibers like Oatmeal

These food class have the capacity to drain down the cholesterol level impressively. This discovery had not been made only recently, it has been known since the early 80s, and by early 90s, it lost weight as motivation for healthy living dropped. It was not until the late 90s when the Food and Drug Administration made pronouncements that featured this class of food and other low fat diets as the solution of the problems of heart diseases that the drive for consuming these foods got rekindled. Wheat, bread, rice, bran, beans, and brewer’s yeast are other fibrous foods that enhance the synthesis of good cholesterol in the body.

Fruits and Veggies

When you talk about foods that contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants, then you should be looking in the direction of vegetables and fruits. Majorly because of their capacity to purify the system of unwanted materials, as well as their nutritional content, this is a highly recommended class of food. They are great in fiber and are not slightly fatty as against processed food. While oranges, lemon, and citruses are great sources of vitamin C, Cucumber is a great source of vitamin E, one remarkable antioxidant that rids the body of free radicals that catalyze the development of harmful conditions in the body.

Sea-foods and Fishes

Lacking in saturated fats, this class of food are sources of white meat, and white meat does not pose health threats.

Well-chosen Lean Meats

You can consume white meats like chicken and turkey (but without their skins), you can eat liver and lean meat. These foods are protein-rich and good for the body, but that good is exhibited without the fats, as it aids the body cut down on cholesterol intake.


They are great in enhancing the digestive system by annulling the imbalance in pH in the stomach. They do not contain much fat and are a great food for the regulation of cholesterol levels.

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